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The today’s patterns are far from what it was back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. The trend to use wallpapers got this ongoing success like never before. The reason why wallpaper became such a success? Many people are familiar with wallpapers and there never ending patterns, colours and motifs but for some reason many people don’t put that often wallpapers on their wall. Probably because they don’t know about these 5 important things. In that case let me tell you 4 things people often don’t know about wallpapers

  1. What to choose?

What are we going to do with the walls? Should we paint it or are we going to use wallpapers this time? That is a good question. To decide you have to know the positive sides between these two options. Luckily the walls of your home have the advantage of changing and transforming your space at any time with the help of paint or wallpaper. The wallpaper collections are enormous with a lot of variety. Light pale wallpaper can make a room soft while a big room can look smaller using wallpaper with stripes and strokes.

When you are going to paint over a damaged wall it will leave a lot of imperfections. Of course using wallpaper has it’s own difficulty. For example removing existing can be hard a job that requires a lot of patience.

  1. The durability of your wall

Of course we want a long lasting condition of our wall but how is that possible if we are always decorating, painting etc.

Not many people would know it but using wallpapers is also really effective for the durability of your wall. Some research discovered that the use of wallpapers on the wall could last for 10 years, minimum. The solid colour of the wallpaper adds a protective layer to your wall that is cleanable and washable.

  1. Difficult to install? No of course NOT

How do we put those big layers of wallpaper on the wall? Without getting stuck and without wasting the roll of paper. Old traditions were based on socking the roll of paper into water before putting it on the wall. And of course you can do some of them using the old way. With the new wallpaper technology you apply paste directly to the wall and hang the wallpaper dry. One tip? Read the specifications before buying. The manual will show you how to put it on the wall.

  1. Easy to clean

It is normal that your wall gets dirty after a while. Definitely if you would put the wallpaper in your kitchen, living room, bedroom or dining room. Using wallpaper makes it a lot easier to clean the wall without re-painting it. You just need a damp cloth to get rid of the dirt.