Singapore big modern Apartment

This large apartment has an exquisite work of The Interior Place. Very stylish and spacious with a good combination of the colors of the interior. The residence consists of 2 floors housing the large living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.
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Big modern apartment on Locust Street – Philadelphia, USA

This is perhaps one of the most spacious apartments that I’ve seen anywhere. Apartment and a penthouse, and the combination of sleek design and fresh colors make this apartment look large and spacious. The apartment is located on Locust Street – Philadelphia, USA. This apartment its designed by Amanda...
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Traders Hotel – Shenyang, China

Really great hotel, which is located in Shenyang, China. Extremely delicate business reasons, this hotel is mainly visited by businessmen. The hotel itself has several types of rooms, lobby, restaurant, conference facilities and everything needed for business visits to China. I dare say that your stay in this hotel...
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Coronado Condo in San Diego, California

This amazing house was designed by Bill Bocken Architecture & Interior Design and is located on the coast of the resort area near San Diego, California. Very modern and stylish house that will satisfy even the most demanding design critics.
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Sensational Garden in Frosinone, Italy

This modest but stylish garden was designed by Nabito Architects in the neighborhood of Corso Lazio, in the city of Frosinone, Italy. Very simple garden that combines modern with nature. Defined by Nabito Architects has done well with this task.
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